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Increase and expand the struggle against the most extreme right-wing government in the history of Israel!

No to the War! No to Western Hypocrisy!

Three months of the Bennet-Lapid Government

Disgraceful “unity", against the interests of peace, equality, democracy, welfare and health, is forged under the cover of the Coronavirus 

Fifty Years of Occupation

Stop the offensive against the Arab Population and against Democratic Freedoms!

The Way to Halt the Cycle of Bloodshed

For the Success of the Joint Electoral Slate!

For a determined and responsible response to the challenge of the raised electoral threshold in Knesset elections

This is a Right Wing Government – Politically and Economically Alike

Strengthen Hadash (DFPE) in the 19th Knesset elections!

Stop the War Madness!

The largest Social Protest in the History of the Country

May Day Demonstration in Tel-aviv 2011

No to Imperialist Intervention!

American Veto and Developments in the Region

No more house demolitions!
Stop the offensive against the Arab population!

90th Anniversary of the October Revolution

Denounce War Crimes and not Those Who Expose Them!

No to Lebanon War III (+ Syria War)

Stop the Policy of War and Brute Force!


In Defence of Peace, Democracy and Social Justice in the Middle East

Stop the war immediately! Stop the murderous bombardments of Gaza!

 In the Communist movement

The movements against the war and the capitalist globalization, and the communists

Stop the aggressive war on Iraq!

INTERNATIONAL MEETING of Communist and Workers’ Parties

The 2nd World Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba


In memory of Meir Vilner – 1918-2003

Bibliographical notes on Meir Vilner

ziadTAUFIK ZIAD Ten Years Gone

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:Struggle against the Capitalist Globalization:

The movements against the war and the capitalist globalization, and the communists

Report from The Demonstrations in Genoa: (7/2001)