The 2nd World Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba

We publish here the material which was prepared by "The Israeli Communist Forum" towards the 2ndWorld Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba, which took place in Havana in 10-14/11/2000 with participation of 4,244 delegates from 118 countries. The Israeli Communist Forum was represented in the meeting by comrade Micha Vilner, member CC ICF, and comrade Yossef Mahamid.


The Israeli Communist Forum 2/11/2000

The Israeli Communist Forum (ICF) struggles for a just peace in the Middle-East, for equality of rights to the Arab population in Israel, for defending the toilers’ rights and for socialism – a regime in which exploitation of human beings by human beings will be eliminated and the main means of production will be socialized.

The ICF struggles against the Israeli government’s policy of occupation and oppression towards the Palestinian People and Arab states.

The Israeli Communist Forum lays upon the shoulders of the Israeli government the responsibility for the vicious blare-up, which took place lately in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Until now more than 160 Palestinians were killed, among them dozens of children, and thousands were injured. We condemn the US administration for backing this policy.

The ICF supports the demand to form an international commission of inquiry to investigate the bloody events.

The Forum calls:

To immediately cease the mass killings of Palestinians by the Israeli army; to re-deploy the Israeli military forces to the pre-events positions; to evacuate immediately Israeli settlements situated in the midst of the Palestinian population; to dismantle all the Jewish settlements in the occupied territories; Israeli withdrawal from all Arab occupied territories, including the Syrian Golan Heights; to establish an independent Palestinian State in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, including in eastern Jerusalem, within the June 4, 1967 lines.

The Forum calls for enhancing the solidarity with the Palestinian People in its just struggle for implementation of their national rights, to be extended from all over the world and in all possible forms.

ICF calls to strengthen the anti-imperialist solidarity among all forces who oppose the "New World Order" which international Imperialism, headed by USA, is trying to impose upon the peoples of the world, by using the most brutal measures, including waging wars – like the criminal one which was conducted a year ago against Yugoslavia – and crude interference in the internal affairs of states.

In the current international situation, the ICF marks the greatest as ever historic importance of the steadfast heroic position of Cuba and its people against the criminal U.S. Embargo. Cuba has become a symbol of heroism and a symbol of hope for achieving another, a better future for humanity.

The World Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba is a highly important event in the framework of this struggle. We hope that this tradition of mobilization of solidarity will continue and strengthen – not just for Cuba, but for everybody who is determined to struggle for a better and a more just world, unlike the one, the leaders of "Globalization" are trying to impose on us