No to Imperialist Intervention! – 6/4/2011

The Israeli Communist forum resolutely condemns the military attacks of USA, France, England and their allies on Libya. The pretext for the new war acts is "protecting human rights" and "defending civilian population" in Libya. In fact it is another imperialist war. Its aim is taking control over the oil and other natural resources of Libya and its strategic areas. In the days when air bombardments and missiles shooting over Libya started, tens of demonstrators where shot dead in Yemen and Bahrain, but no military act was carried against these countries, because those are strategic partners of US and its allies. In the same days when the attack on Libya was launched, there were published new incidents in which many civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan were killed by military forces of US and Its allies. Their interventions have never given any defence for any civil population anywhere. Moreover, they just led to killing of civilians and destroying of Infrastructures, and by that inflicted heavy damage upon the population in the areas which were attacked.

Special enthusiasm to initiate and participate in the new war against Libya was expressed by French President, Nikolas Sarkozy, that from his part using the war in order to improve his position in coming elections campaign to the state Presidency. It is worth noting that senior ministers in Sarkozy`s administration supported many years and till last days of his rule, the ousted president of Tunis, Ben Ali. Also we like to pay attention to the fact that personalities who are now responsible on behalf of Sarkozy to contacts and cooperation with part of the forces which are fighting the regime in Libya are same personalities who two years ago expressed the most enthusiastic support in the massive bombardments of the Israeli army un Gaza, which caused the death of many civilians.

The regime of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, especially in its first years, launched many reforms in the education system in the country and in the health services, and developed them to the highest level in Africa. Many social rights were granted to the workers and the farmers in the country. But since the 90th there were several retreats from this policy. Some privatizations took place and parts of the social rights were denied. Also in Foreign policy there were changes, and instead of clear and persistent anti-imperialist policy, a series of dubious deals were made with western powers, including with those who started the last onslaught against Libya (including current leadership of France).

The opposition to Muammar Gaddafi includes among other those who were disappointed from retreats in social spheres, from the growing social gaps, and from lack of concrete democracy, and demanded legitimate changes in those spheres. But there is other kind of opposition, of those who do not seek to bring democratic change, but like to split the country on tribal basis with local dictators in each region. Some of them maintain open direct contact with western powers, and especially USA and France. In these days in New York Times new materials were published about the massive direct involvement of CIA in the events in Libya. Enslavement of country to the interest of foreign powers is not a democratic change. Only the Libyan People has the right to determine its future and to elect its leadership.

We supported and continue to support the popular just struggles, which began in Tunis and Egypt, and spread later to other countries in the region. We congratulated the topple of dictators who represented the interests of a few local and foreign tycoons, on the expense of their peoples. We condemned the brutal force that was used (and still used) against the popular uprisings in countries like Tunis, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and others of that kind. We criticize also the violent oppressive measures which were taken against demonstrations in countries like Libya and Syria, regardless of our positions towards the various opposition forces in those countries.

We are sure that in the end the struggles of the peoples of our region will lead to creation of more democratic regimes, wish will care for the real interests of the vast majority of the population in this countries and will lead to improvement of their standard of living. The future of each country must be decided only by its own People. No foreign power or group of foreign powers has the right to become an international Gendarme that can intervene in any country that he likes, as if in the name of democracy and protecting civil life but in fact in order to dictate their narrow interest on various countries and their peoples.

Protest against the attack on Libya in front of the U.S embassy in Tel-Aviv (7.4.2011)