May Day Demonstration in Tel-aviv 2011

On Friday, 29.5, May Day demonstration was held in Tel-Aviv with the participation of dozens of political and social organizations. A prominent role was played by members of Hadash (DFPE) who also were the main initiators and organizers of the demonstration. The demonstration ended in a rally at Meir Garden in Tel-Aviv Center. (A mass May Day demonstration was held also on Saturday, 30.4, in Nazareth, and others demonstrations took place in Be'er Sheva, Jerusalem, Sderot and other communities.)

Participants in the demonstration in Tel Aviv protested against the socio-economic policy of the government, which enriches the Tycoons and at the same time impoverishes the working class and the poor people. They sharply criticized the new price rises of fuel and of basic goods, and the government's unwillingness to comply with the justified demands of the various groups of workers, who were struggling (and held strikes, and some continue to struggle) recently and demanded to increase their poor wages and working conditions, including doctors and social workers. They called to broaden the struggle for fundamental change of government's policy, which repeatedly cutting the welfare, health and education budgets, and making the achievement of housing a mission which is impossible for the vast majority of the population in Israel.